Highlights (Agenda) for upcoming and recent Session meetings:

Please note that the Session meeting is always open for members to attend and the Minutes (records) are public and available for any member of the church to read and may be found in the church office.


Session Agenda February 2018

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Aaron Brooks Anna Booher Nancy Allerton
Stuart Parker Han Ong (E) Rebecca Beck
Chuck Thompson Pete Holler Davie Hyde
Randy Cook Lee Galliher Jordan Pennington
Debbie McMillin Pete Stigers Jerry Poteat



Call to Order

Quorum Ascertained

Devotion & Prayer (Stuart Parker)

Setting the Agenda

Signups 1.Communion

Clerk’s Report:

  • Communications: Letter of Resignation (Finance Committee & Trustee by implication) from Don Moneyhun dated 1-29/2018
  • PNC Letter
  • Approval of Minutes
    1. Stated Session: January 22, 2018
    2. Special Meeting:
    3. Congregational Meeting:
    4. Approval of Deacons minutes: did not meet (illness).

·         Membership Records:

New Members  
Transfer to Another Church  
Removal from Roll
Death ·   Graham W. Barr 01/16/2018

·   Betty McElrath Huntsman Millard 02/07/2018

·   Dennis “Sam” Samuel 02/20/2018


Moderator’s Report (Dave Welch): Update to Session Minutes 2017; Statistical Report


Facilities Use: King University Band, King University Fall Concert, Blue Stocking Club, Boy Scout Ct. of Honor.


Committee Recommendations

  • Finance: approval of budget (attached)
  • Buildings & Grounds:
    • In an email vote concluded on Friday, January 26, 2018, the committee approved changing the HVAC maintenance contract from four quarterly visits per year to two semiannual visits.
    • Motion to authorize Facility Manager to close building.
  • HR
  • MEF: 2 Motions:
    • Should a vacancy occur among the appointed members of the FPC MEF Advisory Committee when there is no installed Pastor/Head of Staff, the Advisory Committee will nominate for approval by the Session an individual who is willing to serve as an appointed member of the MEF Advisory Committee.
    • When there is no installed Pastor/Head of Staff at FPC, the Moderator of the Session will participate in MEF AC meetings as an Ex-Officio non-voting member.


Committee Reports Received as Information: (Updates)

  • Worship
  • Stewardship Report
  • PNC
  • Stewardship

Other Information Received and Distributed

 Items for Reflection?

  • Safety and Security
  • Directory App (https://www.instantchurchdirectory.com)

·         Shepherding Sharing


Upcoming Event Reminders


Adjournment and Closing Prayer


Date for next Stated Meeting                      Monday March 26, @ 7:00 PM (Devotion: Randy Cook)