Missionary Emergency Fund GEneral Grant Application

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MEF General Grant Application

First Presbyterian Church of Bristol Tennessee

Missionary Emergency Fund

General Grant Information


Major A. D. Reynolds established the Missionary Emergency Fund in 1920 to provide support for Christian religious, educational, and charitable purposes. First Presbyterian Church of Bristol is blessed and honored to be one of three grantees receiving a portion of the fund’s annual distribution. Following is information related to applying for grants from this distribution.

Qualifications for Consideration

To qualify for consideration for funding, a proposal must address one or more of the following objectives and purposes of the grant:

  • Supporting home and foreign Missions engaged in propagating the Christian Faith
  • Providing scholarships and other aid for students preparing for Christian service work
  • Aiding active and retired clergy directly and by assisting in the education of their children and by providing for the comfort and care of members of their families
  • Aiding in the propagation of the Christian Faith and aiding in Christian education at home and abroad
  • Advancing education by providing support and assistance to educational institutions and to students and teachers
  • Supporting the mission, educational, and outreach activities of First Presbyterian Church of Bristol

Deadline and Submission Process

Upon completion, all grant applications may be submitted online through this portal, e-mailed to mef@fpcbristol.org or mailed to Missionary Emergency Fund, c/o First Presbyterian Church, 701 Florida Avenue, Bristol, TN 37620. General grant proposals/applications must be submitted to First Presbyterian Church by June 30. General grant proposals received after the deadline will not be reviewed. 

Grant Award Process

General grant applications received by June 30 are evaluated by an appointed advisory committee at First Presbyterian Church of Bristol. The advisory committee evaluates each application based on the qualifications (stated above) that were established by the MEF governing board in Richmond, VA and priorities established by First Presbyterian Church of Bristol. The advisory committee recommends awards to the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Bristol for their approval. Upon approval, distribution of funds is made prior to the end of the current calendar year.

Compliance and Reporting

In applying for an MEF General Grant, applicant understands and agrees to the following conditions:

  1. Grant funds must be used in accordance with the intent and design of the proposal.
  2. If funds are not used for the purposes described in the proposal, grant funds must be fully and immediately refunded to First Presbyterian Church of Bristol.
  3. Grantee must provide a full written report (form provided with notification of grant award) by June 30 and include an itemized account of how funds were expended.   

Additional Information

For more information or general questions, contact the Missionary Emergency Fund at mef@fpcbristol.org.

First Presbyterian Church of Bristol Tennessee

Missionary Emergency Fund

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