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Updated COVID 19 Policies: please click here to do read/download our updated policies (Nov. 24, 2020) 

Worship online only – Livestream at 9am on Youtube and Facebook

In-person worship will resume January 31st: 9am and 11am

Home Groups will resume Ash Wednesday.

A Place to Believe

To offer worship that invites and gathers a growing and diverse community of participants to celebrate God’s glory and respond to God’s grace, providing opportunities for both contemporary and traditional styles of worship.

A Place to Belong

To become more effective and intentional in reaching out to our neighbors locally and globally with a deepening commitment each year of spiritual, financial, and human resources.

A Place to Serve

To provide an exemplary ministry of Christian education and spiritual nurture so that a growing number of people of all ages can find resources for growth in discipleship to Jesus Christ.